A Kikoy for everyone

The vibrant colours of the traditional wraps known as ‘kikoys’ can be spotted all along the East African coast. The Swahili name kikoy (or “kikoi”) refers to the cloth wrapped around the body which was initially worn by men from Kenya and Tanzania. In the intense heat along the coast, the kikoys woven from 100% cotton provide a cool, airy garment when worn wrapped around the body. Women from these countries also started wearing it and are often found wearing two kikoys as the tops and bottoms of their outfits.

Foreign visitors spotted the potential of kikoys and introduced it to be worn as beach wraps. Kikoys are however much more versatile and can also be worn to protect against both the heat and the cold whilst on safari in the African bush. It is ideal for use as a small tablecloth, a throw at the bottom of a bed, as a baby wrap, or in hammams and spa’s.