Coming for Lunch?

What ensures a memorable meal? All will agree that it is a combination of good food, interesting guests, entertaining conversation, a beautiful setting, and a pleasing tablescape. Whilst a myriad of mass-produced tableware items are available for use at a table, the inclusion of unique, handmade items will ensure that guests will sit down at a not-to-be-forgotten tablescape.

Every handmade item comes with its own story and having such items on a table will ensure an immediate point of conversation. Even with the use of one or two unique handmade products the table setting will immediately be distinguishable from one laid with factory-produced items.  By including a placemat from Madagascar, Morocco, or Zimbabwe, a horn bowl from Kenya, a bread bowl from Senegal, a wooden bread board from Malawi, or a serviette holder made in South Africa, you will not only have supported an artisan practising a century old craft skill but also have treated your guests to a meal enjoyed at a beautiful table.