Fill the niche

Architectural niches have been used extensively since Roman times. The word niche derives from the Latin “nidus” meaning “nest” and fine examples can be found in historic buildings such as the Temple of Diana in Nimes, France and the Uffizi Palace in Florence, Italy.

These decorative recesses can be simple in design or be ornate with intricate mouldings to frame it. Historically used to display statues, vases and decorative objects, it presented the perfect design solution when the foyer of the Jambo showroom warehouse was created.

Entrance to our showroom is gained via the foyer and the combination of recesses effectively acts as a massive display cabinet for our products. Either filled with many of the same item or items in the same colour or shade, the repetition creates a striking first entry to the showroom.

Often forgotten or ignored during the design of homes and spaces, niches are in fact not only functional as storage spaces but provides perfect frames for the display of treasured pieces.

So go ahead- create and enjoy filling the niche.