Just add Baule…

The intricacy, craftsmanship and vibrant colours of the textiles woven on the African continent never ceases to amaze. When holding and touching a piece of soft baule cloth one has to appreciate that the yarn was hand spun, dyed and then woven by hand.

These cloths with its narrow navy, indigo and white strips with specs of colour originate from the Ivory Coast. After the yarn is hand spun, it is dyed with mineral and vegetable dyes and left to dry in the sun. Narrow strips are woven by the weaver and the strips are then sewn together to create larger cloths. Each strip displays the unique design of the weaver. Traditionally the fabric was worn as adornment during communal ceremonies and proceedings.

The weight of the baule cloth is ideal for cushion covers and with its vibrant blue hues it brings a global element to any interior.