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Pottery-100% unique

The art of forming clay to create either decorative or utilitarian objects has existed since Neolithic times. Artisans have been shaping clay into the desired ...

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No accessories? No future?

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future” COCO CHANEL Does the same apply to anyone who does not wear accessories? Accessories have been ...

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Towel Time

Whether used as a towel next to the pool, at the beach or in a spa, as a wrap over swimming costumes or around the ...

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Coming for Lunch?

What ensures a memorable meal? All will agree that it is a combination of good food, interesting guests, entertaining conversation, a beautiful setting, and a ...

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Basket Basket on the wall

The functionality of baskets is endless. Apart from being used for storage for an infinitive number of household items such as candles, magazines, fruit, vanity ...

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